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Stitch Prickly Views

Prickly Views are something I see everyday. You've probably guessed from all the plant themed patterns I create, that my house is filled with plants- at least the upstairs living room that is. I have plants in every corner of that room, filling it with greenery and life. This month's Pattern Club design was inspired by some of the plants in my collection.

I will admit, cacti are not my strong suit. I love them, but I'm not always the best at keeping them alive. Somehow, I've managed to keep some of my indoor pricklies from shriveling up, (who knows about the ones outside...)

So in tribute to my cacti and their lovely window placement, let's stitch them this month!

Throughout this month's Pattern Club design, you'll learn how to use the satin stitch, back stitch, seed stitch, long and short satin stitch, and French knot to create this playful scene.

Like all my patterns, this design will walk you through step-by-step and shares photos of how to create each stitch.

I hope you have fun stitching this Prickly Views pattern- a Pattern Club exclusive design.

Happy stitching,



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