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Homebody Weekly April 17

The sun lover in me is reveling all this warm and sunny weather! Each morning I've been standing by my living room window soaking up the sun as I enjoy a jar of berry overnight oats and in the afternoons I've been fortunate enough to take a walk around the block while listening to an audio book. (For some reason I always want to call these 'books on tape' even though they're on my iPhone and I only ever used tapes as kid. haha). I just finished The Secrets We Kept by Lara Prescott which was an interesting look at female spies during the Cold War and Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz which was a murder mystery in a murder mystery. I didn't like Magpie Murders as much because the first half of the book reminded me too much of the show Midsummer Murders and I kept thinking I'd watched something similar which was frustrating. Have you ever read a book like that?

Along with walks and audio books, I've been doing a lot of sewing. I finished my king size Cabin Peaks quilt and am piecing together the top of my throw size Clava Quilt. Quilting is apparently addicting, and I've caught the sewing bug.

Quilting is pretty much sewing the only kind of sewing I've done this week. Instead, I've been putting together a bunch of embroidery kits! I'm very thankful my order of embroidery hoops and thread arrived, so I've restocked Stained Glass Landscape Kits, Desert Landscape Kits, and Coral Trio Rainbow Kits. All of these kits are beginner-friendly, so if you're thinking about giving embroidery a try, these would be a great place to start.

My husband and I have also been trying out mac and cheese recipes. This one is our favorite so far. But we're always open to trying new ones too. So if you have a favorite recipe, pass it along! I often add peas to my portion which makes my husband cringe. Personally, I love peas in almost everything.

Ok, enough about me and on to the cool things the creative community has been up to this week.

Monster in Ballard is donating 20 fun and funky pairs of socks to nurses working at Swedish Hospital. If you'd like to add to their donation with a pair or 10, you can purchase them for only $6 a pair and Monster will send them off in their care package.

Another crafty space doing good things for the community is Spacecraft Seattle! Allison and friends have been sewing free face masks. If you're in the Capitol Hill area and are in need of a mask, they have some available outside of Spacecraft and plan to replenish their basket on Mondays and Thursdays. P.S. They're also right next to Tacos Chukis so while you're there, you should definitely order taco take out. Their house tacos are delish!

And finally, mark your calendars because Renegade Craft Fair is hosting a virtual craft fair on April 24 and 25! Their roster of makers (including yours truly) will be going LIVE to showcase their work and offering special deals for you to shop their handmade items.


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