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Homebody Weekly: May 15

Last week I mentioned I was going to sew something other than a Clava Quilt. Well... I kind of did that. Ever since I started sewing, I've been eyeing quilt coats. I absolutely adore the Vacilando West Quilt Coat and decided I'd try sewing my own.

For this endeavor, I ordered the Papercut Patterns Sapparo Coat pattern and dug into my fabric stash for all the rust, coral, gold, and peach tones. Then I pulled out the (you guessed it) Miss Make Clava Quilt pattern and used the templates for the back portion of the quilt coat. This might sound like I finished this project, but I haven't. Half way through cutting out all of my fabric, I realized I didn't have enough of the outer fabric or quilt batting, so I had to order more. Thankfully, my additional fabric and batting arrived Thursday so I'm hoping to spend the weekend diving in and maybe finishing this project. I'm not 100% certain of how this will turn out, because the Sapparo Coat is not a quilted design, but I love the cut of the longer length pattern and pockets, so I thought I'd try it out and see. Fingers crossed that next week I'll have something wonderful to share.

In between my quilt coat, my day job, and putting together more embroidery kits, I've been working my way through my WIP (work in progress) basket. This is a basket of half finished designs that I put down for one reason or another and haven't finished yet. A few were workshop samplers, some were partially finished Pattern Club designs, and a few were stitch experiments. I'm pleased to say I made a good dent in this basket this week.

Speaking of craft rooms and sewing projects, I also pulled together a new blog on were to find fabrics online. I often get asked where I find my fabric or what kind of fabric I use for projects and it really varies. For me, finding the perfect fabric is like a treasure hunt at the fabric, craft, or thrift store. Sometimes I have a fabric in mind and other times I see a design and can just envision what would look perfect with it. With so many stores closed and people staying home, I wanted to share some of the other fun places you can find fabric online.


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