Hoop, Fabric, and Thread

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

A question I get asked a lot from my online community, is what embroidery supplies do I use and where can they find them?


Because I buy hoops in bulk, I purchase mine through Darice and Consumer Crafts. Both offer great wholesale options and have a great variety of sizes. (You do need a reseller permit if you buy from Darice). Local craft stores are another resources if you're just starting out or only picking up a few hoops. Both Michael's and Joann have plastic, bamboo, and wood hoop options. Local thrift stores usual has a few hoops at great deals, but that's never a guarantee.


I buy a lot of fabric from local craft stores. I love being able to go into a physical shop to see and feel what fabrics are available. At Joann they also have a remnant fabric bin which has smaller pieces of fabric. This has been a great place to try fabrics I wouldn't normally use, like tulle, metallic cosplay Lycra, and flannel.

For custom patterns and designs, Spoonflower offers a great selection of designs from other designers or you can create your own designs too. This option is a little spendier, but allows for more customization.

For the more eco-conscious crafters, local thrift stores can be a great option. The selection is always changing, due to donation variation, so you never know what you might find. In Seattle there is also a local craft thrift store, Seattle ReCreative, that has all sorts of craft supplies at thrift store prices.