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How To Embroider The Chain Stitch - A Video Tutorial

Similar to the reverse chain stitch, the chain stitch also creates a linked line stitch. Both stitches look similar, yet are created slightly differently. Here's how we'll be chain stitch in the Stained Glass Sampler embroidery pattern. Watch the video tutorial and stitch along with us. The Stained Glass Sampler embroidery pattern can be purchased here or join Pattern Club. Along with this video, find a step-by-step tutorial below.

Video Tutorial:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

1. Start by bringing your needle up from the back of the fabric to the front at the point you would like the row of chain stitches to start.

2. Next, hold your thread in direction you would like the chain to go and bring your needle back down through the fabric in the same spot you previously came up. This should make a loop of thread on the front of your fabric.

3. From the back side of the fabric, space out a stitches length (about 1/4 of an inch). Then bring your needle back up through the fabric. Your needle should be along the line you would like the chain row to be stitched and in between the loop of thread.

4. Next, gently tug your thread so that the loop is flush with your fabric. This is now the first link in your chain stitch row.

5. Now add more chains to the row. For the next chain, hold the thread in the direction you would like your row to go and then bring your needle back down through the fabric inside the previous chain link.

6. Next, from underneath your fabric, space out a stitches length and bring the needle up through the fabric and the loop of thread along the path of the chain stitch row. This will be the second link in your chain stitch row.

7. Continue adding chains to your row until it is the desired size. To end the chain stitch row, stitch your last chain stitch. Then bring the needle back through the fabric on the outer edge of the last chain stitch. This will add a short straight stitch to keep your chain links securely in place.


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