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Stitch Oh My Begonia with MCreativeJ Pattern Club

Are you on an elusive houseplant hunt? Over the past couple years I’ve fallen in love with begonias. I’ve added a few angel wings and spotted begonias to my collection of ever-growing house plants. But like any avid collector, there are always more plants I'd like to add. One of those is the escargot begonia. I haven't found on locally yet and it's high on my plant wishlist. I really love how the leaf shape spirals into itself just like a snail shell. To celebrate my love of begonias and my desire to add an escargot to my collection, we're stitching begonia leaves this month with Pattern Club. Have fun using the radial satin stitch, satin stitch, long and short satin stitch, split back stitch, and French knot to create this houseplant leaf trio. Happy stitching! -Melissa


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