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Stitch Pups & Houseplants this December with Pattern Club

December is my pup, Henley's birthday and because I'm THAT dog mom, I decided we'd try our hand at stitching this squishy, wrinkly nugget. ⁠Yes, you read that right, we're stitching a dog this month (I mean there's plants too, because I can't create a pattern without them.) Get ready to embroider Henley's Houseplants with Pattern Club this December.

The digital pattern will guide you from start to finish, in creating a houseplants and my Shar Pei puppy, Henley. Each pattern starts with a recommended materials list, then shares how to cut your fabric, place it in the hoop, and offers options for transferring your design.

Next the pattern covers how to measure, split, and knot the thread. Then walks you through the design, step by step, to see how each section is created. In each portion of the pattern, I share what stitch is used, how to create that stitch, and how the design should look as the pattern progresses. Finally, you'll learn how to finish your design in the hoop!⁠

Plus, thanks to our recent stitch along, you can also find video tutorials of how to create each stitch on the MCreativeJ blog here.

If you've ever wanted to give pet portraits a try, this is a great pattern to get you started. Filled with playful plants and beginner-friendly stitches, this digital pattern is a delight to stitch. To get this digital design and detail packed instruction guide, you can join Pattern Club for only $10 or find this pattern on my site for $15.

Watch to stitch a previous Pattern Club design? Find all PDF patterns on my website.


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