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Stitch Summer Flowers with Pattern Club

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Summer in Seattle is filled with hot weather and vibrant florals. As I write this, I'm currently sweating in my house from the summer heat wave that has finally hit us. Even though I complain about the heat, I really do love it and am basking in every moment of these high temps.

Along with hot weather, summer also brings gorgeous flowers. I just love seeing the rich and diverse florals popping up in my neighborhood. It's a true rainbow of colors every time I take my pup Henley for a walk. Our lawn is sadly not colorful, so I've pulled inspiration from me neighbors gardens (once again) to create this month's Pattern Club design, Summer Flowers.

Summer Flowers is a delightful bunch of purple cone flowers, lucifer crocosmia, and craspedia sun balls in an even more colorful vase. This pattern uses 8 different stitches (satin stitch, long and short satin stitch, stem stitch, detached chain stitch, weave stitch, straight stitch, French knot, and raised herringbone stitch) to create a textural design. Have fun trying these different stitches in playful ways to stitch florals.

Like all Pattern Club designs, the digital pattern includes a guide to walk you through the process from start to finish. It covers materials, how to place the design in the hoop, transferring the design, and all the stitches used to create the pattern. I even include how to finish the embroidery in the hoop, so you can hang it up like a picture frame!

Happy stitching! -Melissa


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