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Things To Try in 2023

I recently read an article that said only 9% of people who make resolutions actually stick with them. This makes them seem even more daunting! Instead of making resolutions, I like to make a list of Things I Want To Try. I do this because it gives me flexibility and takes the pressure off. If I don't do them, I can always add it to my list for next year.

Before I stopped making New Year's resolutions, not sticking to them felt like I was failing. Even if it was something small, like not leaving dirty dishes in the sink, I would feel bad about myself for not sticking to it. It's never fun to feel like you're not good at something.

Since the world is already filled with enough pressure and stress, here's my stress-free list of things I want to try this year. Some of them are pretty mundane and others are a little more adventurous. (Hello life as a 30-something!) If these sound fun to you, I've linked details on how you can give them a try too.

Focus on Self Care

1. Take some time for myself

During the holiday season, I was gifted Lulumiere shower steamers (pictured above). I'd heard of these, but didn't really know what to expect. After one shower, I was hooked. These little blocks make taking a shower extremely luxurious and relaxing. If you're looking to make the most of a few minutes to yourself, these make it worth it.

2. Drink less soda and more water

I will admit, I love diet sodas and sparking waters. I like the bubbles and the flavors. I don't love being up all night from the caffeine. So I'm going to try a daily water bottle to see if it helps me drink more water.

3. Take better care of my hands

I will admit, I am pretty rough on my hands and don't always take the best care of them. This leads to many achey fingers, hard calluses, and cuts. Since my hands are a big part of my work, I want to try to take better care of them this year. I plan to regularly use my compression gloves and thimbles.

Explore New Crafts

1. Cyanotype

Cyanotying has long been on my list of crafts to try. Last year I bought this kit but never got around to it. I'm hoping that I can give it a go this year when it's sunny out.

2. Clothing embroidery as mending

Over the past few years, I've slowly been embroidering my wardrobe. I'd say about 50% off it has some kind of embroidery. This year, I'm planning to add even more embroidery and also use my skills to tackle mending I've been putting off.

Be Adventurous

1. Explore new foods

Over these past few years I feel like I've fallen back on the same handful of dishes. While comforting, these can also get a little boring at times. I'm hoping to be more adventurous in the foods I cook for myself and my husband, while also staying within budget. To get me started, I'm thinking of getting the cookbooks 5-Ingredient Cooking for Two and Good and Cheap Eats.

2. Take a monthly hike or long walk

Ever since I started working from home during the pandemic, I've become even more of a homebody. Yes, I walk my dogs around the blog twice a day and teach workshops throughout the area, but that's not the same as getting out and exploring new places. So this year, I want to try to go on a monthly hike or long walk with my husband as a way for us to get out together.

If getting crafty is on your list to try in 2023, be sure to check out my upcoming workshops.

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