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What Is Your Word of the Year?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

As we ease into the new year, I love using this time to reflect. To think about my accomplishments, reflect on areas that I need to focus on, and look forward to what I'd like to achieve throughout the year.

This last year brought more change than I'm used to. I will admit, I appreciate things that are comfortable and safe. I don't really like risk. Quitting my day job, driving across country for a wholesale trade show, filming a course in New York, and figuring out how to run payroll for myself were all things that stretched my comfort zone.

Yes, many of them were exciting and fun. Some of them were also terrifying and stressful. Throughout all of this change, I found myself getting very depressed, struggling with my confidence, and being true to myself. What was supposed to be an exciting change felt mired in self doubt and struggle. Thankfully, I found a counselor to talk to and have slowly been feeling more like my self.

Because of all of this, I decided that in 2023 I want to focus on being authentic. Being true to myself, to try to stop comparing myself to others, and to use this as a guiding light for myself throughout the year.

Do you have a word or phrase you're focusing on this year?

If not or you want to lear how, try this exercise.⁠

1. List the things you want to focus on for 2023.⁠

2. Determine any common themes on your list.⁠

3. List some words that tie into this theme.⁠

4. Then decide which of the words on your list feels like it will be the MOST motivational to you for 2023.⁠

Once you've picked a word or phrase for the year, you should embroider it with me at Monster on January 11! This will be a relaxing and creative reminder of where to continue your focus for 2023.


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