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Why Embroidery Kits Make the Best Gifts

Opening this feels like a gift!

This is one of the highest compliments many of you have shared with me. When you buy a high quality craft kit, you don't want to feel like the supplies were just thrown together. Instead you want to feel the love and care that goes into each one.

MCreativeJ embroidery kits are designed to be a gift for yourself or someone crafty in your life.

Each kit comes in a giftable box and all kit materials are lovingly wrapped in tissue paper that’s closed with a sticker. Upon opening a kit, so many of you have shared that you feel like you're opening a present, that the packaging is lovely, and that you appreciate the attention to detail.

MCreativeJ hand embroidery kits come in a range of nature inspired designs that are perfect for beginner, intermediate, or advanced crafters.

All kits include everything needed to create the design pictured on the box. No need to buy extra supplies. Just have yourself, a pair of scissors, and get started!

With the holiday season approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on perfectly giftable MCreativeJ embroidery kits and patterns. Thanks for shopping small and happy stitching! -Melissa


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