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Will I Have Enough Embroidery Thread?

Imagine this, you’re working away on an embroidery project when all of the sudden your thread tangles into a giant knot. After a maddening 15 minutes you can’t undo it and give up. The thread is now destined for your ORT jar.

Are you now wondering if there’s enough thread left in your kit to finish your project? If you run out will you even be able to find more at the craft store?

No one wants to have to worry about that!

Thankfully each MCreativeJ kit comes with full skeins of DMC embroidery thread. I believe you can never have too much embroidery thread. So no matter how small an amount of thread one of my embroidery kits calls for, you'll always receive a full skein of thread. You’ll always have enough thread, and then some, to finish your project. Happy stitching! -Melissa


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