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Why Isn’t the Embroidery Pattern Printed on the Fabric?

One question I sometimes get asked about my embroidery kits is, "Why isn’t your pattern printed on the fabric?"

When I learned to embroider, the design was stamped onto the fabric. While this made it easy for 11 year old me to follow the pattern, you could still see the design underneath when I was finished. This drove me crazy!

When I started making embroidery kits, I knew I didn’t want that to happen. So instead, MCreativeJ hand embroidery kits come with a water soluble transfer pattern. Simply peel off the backing, stitch over it, and wash it away. No more extra patten lines. Customers love this option because it makes the pattern easy to transfer and anything they don’t stitch will disappears with warm water.

As some one who loves to stitch outside the lines, this makes it easy!

Check out all of the MCreativeJ embroidery kits and have fun stitching a nature inspired design. Happy stitching! -Melissa

Pictured above in the Flower Trio - DIY Beginner Hand Embroidery Craft Kit by MCreativeJ.


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