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12 Embroidery Patterns to Celebrate Spring with Stitches

Spring is just around the corner! If you're like me, the sunshine and flowers can't get here fast enough! So as we wait for the sun to come out more, the days to warm up, and the flowers to bloom, stitch your way into spring.

What's more spring than daisies and daffodils? Stitch them both with this digital Wildflowers embroidery design by Florals and Floss.

Just like you can't have flowers without the rain, you can't have spring without the bees. This Honeysuckle and Bee pattern by Maggie Jos Studio captures the perfect spring combo.

And don't forget the butterflies! Why not stitch this Three Lovely Butterfly Trio by Bustle And Sew?

If this Darling Duck pattern by Stitching Sabbatical doesn't say spring, I don't know what does? I'm getting some seriously cute nursery rhyme vibes.

And speaking of adorable animals, have you seen Lemon Made Shop's Grandma's Chickens pattern or the too cute add-on, Animals in Sweaters?

Is spring anyone else's happy place? If so, then this Orange Tabby pattern by Jessica Long Embroidery is perfect for you!

And of course, spring is the time to get back into nature. Take a walk in the woods with this Little Forest Mushroom pattern by The Connected Threads.

Or stitch yourself some wildflowers and put them on anything you'd like with these patterns from MCreativeJ.

Because you can never have too many florals for spring, here's another Coral Floral pattern by Junebug and Darlin.

Looking for something springy that will be a beautiful piece of decor all year round? Why not stitch this Marbled Pattern by Lark Rising Embroidery.

What's spring without a bunny? Create this adorable Dreaming Rabbit by Moss and Feather Shop.


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