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11 Ways to Stitch Yourself An Urban Jungle

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

You know one of my big passions is plants. I have plants all over my house and find every opportunity to add more (whether my husband approves or not). Developing my green thumb took a long time and sadly, I killed countless plants before figuring out how to care for my little urban jungle. My original plant disasters led me to started stitching plants. If you'd like to add a little greenery to your life without all the watering and worry of being a good plant parent, check out these delightful plant embroidery patterns to stitch your own urban jungle.

For all you fiddle fig tree lovers, this Lark Rising Embroidery pattern is for you! Stitch a gorgeous houseplant setting and make your other plants envious. Side note: I managed to kill my fiddle fig so this is probably the only one I'd be able to keep looking lusciously green.

How fun is this spiky yucca plant? Personally, I'd love to have this desert inspired greenery in my front yard... now to convince my husband. This beginner-friendly embroidery pattern by Sew Botanical UK is an easy way to stitch your own lovely yucca plant.

And if you aspire to have a green thumb but haven't quite mastered the art of keeping plants alive, try this Night Garden pattern by Cozy Blue. This folksy moon greenery should tide you over for a while.

Oh hey, it's me... well if someone embroidered me and all my plants, it would probably look like this. Stitch your own plant self portrait using Faimy Cross Stitch's Girl and Plants pattern.

For you terrarium lovers, try this modern Terrarium Embroidery pattern by Emily June Handmade. It's lovely upscale and muted pallet is a sophisticated and modern take.

Plant lady is the new cat lady and I couldn't be happier! Stitch yourself a planty badge of honor with Carrie Goff Designs Plant Lady embroidery pattern.

Looking for something a little more abstract? Why not try Slow Evenings' Abstract Cacti pattern. This playfully modern cactus pattern includes both the saguaro and prickly pear cactus designs so your embroideries can be planty friends.

Speaking of houseplant friends, this Intermediate Houseplant pattern by Florals and Floss is an advanced stitchers delight. From monstera plants to hanging philodendrons and pilea to cacti, this houseplant pattern is full of luscious greenery.

Let's face it, plants make everything better and this Zen Zoe embroidery pattern by Rosanna Diggs is no exception. I love how she incorporated one of these trendy face planters and filled it with vibrant plants. (I couldn't resist the face pun!)

Mostera me happy! This cute Monsteras pattern by Brinnana Bread Crafts would fit right in with all my living room plants. From the modern plant stand to the blush pink pot to the gorgeous greenery this pattern is a houseplant delight!

And of course, if this wasn't enough embroidered plant goodness for you, you can always stitch my Night Plants pattern!

This design is available as an individual PDF pattern ($15) or you can join Pattern Club and score this baby for only $10 plus receive a digital embroidery delight in your inbox every month after.

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links**


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