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12 Heart Filled Hand Embroidery Patterns to Stitch for Your Valentine or Galentine

Hearts seem synonymous with love, right? Did you know that no one really knows how the heart became the symbol of love?

Even though its origins are unknown, there are many theories on why we associate a heart with love. One theory claims that St. Valentine used the symbol when arranging secret marriages. Another states that the heart shape comes from the shape of the leaves of a now-extinct plant called silphium. This plant was considered a key component of a love potion during the time of the Romans. And another theory is that the heart shape was simply a guess of what the human heart looked like.

Secret marriages and love potions aside, there might be another reason. Even though our brain regulates emotions like love, we aren’t really aware of what’s happening in our head. When we experience strong emotions, like love, our heart beats faster. You'll probably even notice your heartbeat. Often times it feels like our heart is where all the activity is coming from.

If you're celebrating Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, or Yourself here's 12 heart filled hand embroidery patterns that are perfect for the occasion.

Hand Embroidery Pattern - LOVE from WhyKnotStitches

Stick On Heart Embroidery Patches from ThreadedWithCareUS

Love embroidery Hands & Heart from MipomipoHandmade

Heart Sachet Handmade Ornament from VingertEmbroidery

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