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20 Stocking Stuffers Ideas to Give the Embroiderer In Your Life This Holiday Season

20 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for An Embroiderer

Over the past few years my family and I have switched from having a bunch of presents under the Christmas tree to having a stocking each. This helps us put a limit on what we buy each other (size wise and monetarily) and makes it a fun challenge to find just the right gifts.

A few years ago I found time to quilt my husband and I stockings. I love pulling these crazy quilted beauties out each year and adding goodies to them.

As someone who is very indecisive, I'm a fan of slowly filling up stockings over the months leading up to the holidays. This puts less pressure on finding gifts and helps me find time to get just the right things.

If you're looking for stocking stuffer gifts ideas for a stitcher, embroiderer, needleworker, or something of the sort, then this list is for you! You're sure to find something special that they'll love and use regularly.

20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Ponderosa Creative Thread Gloss

Thread Gloss

Thread gloss is a specially formulated wax and oil blend that coats your thread to prevent tangles, fraying, and brittleness. Think of it as a deep conditioner for your thread and embroidery floss. Using thread gloss helps prevent tangles and knots, taking away all of the frustration of handwork. It also make it easier to thread your needle. Find Ponderosa Creative thread gloss here.

Needle Book

A needle book is the best way to store your needles, pins, thread bits and more! These quilted fabric books with felt pages make it easy. They're small enough you can take them anywhere and boldly colorful so you won't loose them. Find MCreativeJ needle books here.

variegated embroidery thread

Variegated Embroidery Thread

Can one ever have too much embroidery thread? No. Can one ever have too much variegated embroidery thread? Definitely not! Variegated embroidery thread is a special treat. It can be harder to find than regular embroidery thread and stores often carry limited selections. Treat your crafter to a beautiful hand picked selection of variegated thread from Jessica Long's thread collection.

Modern Hoopla Bobbin Rack for Embroidery Floss

Thread Organizer

If you have thread, it's a good bet you need some way to organize it. This bobbin rack is a delightful way to store embroidery thread for a current project. Bobbins slide into the slots easily, there's a magnet for your needle, and you can clearly see all the thread colors. What more could you ask for? Find this bobbin rack for embroidery thread by Modern Hoopla here.

white pin cushion embroidered with flowers

Pin Cushion

A pin cushion is another way to easily store sewing pins and needles. This gorgeous embroidered flower pin cushion is no exception. Find this pin cushion by Quince Fables Shop here.

tihembroidery Mini Embroidery Frame Keychain

Mini Embroidery Frame

Mini things are cute and these mini wood embroidery frame key chains are no exception. Plus, they're not something you'll see everyday. At $5 each, you can't go wrong with one or all of these gorgeous colors. Shop Three Inches Hand Embroidery mini embroidery frame keychains here.

small silver square handled scissors

Cute Scissors

Every stitcher I know has slowly amassed a collection of delightful and small scissors. If you find a cute pair, your crafty friend will definitely want it. Find these small silver lace detailed, square handled scissors in the MCreativeJ shop.

DMC tapestry wool in assorted colors

Tapestry Wool

Explore new fibers with DMC tapestry wool. This thicker yarn is great for crewel work, stitching on knits, and playing around with chunky stitches. Find a wide selection of DMC tapestry wool here.

Hand Embroidery Needles variety pack from Bohin

Assorted Embroidery Needles

Needles are always a necessity. They bend, they break, they get lost. Having extra needles and a variety of options on hand will always make a stitcher happy. Find this variety pack of Bohin hand embroidery needles here.

Stick and Stitch Patterns

These water soluble patterns make it easy to transfer an embroidery design onto anything. They're the perfect way to customize any embroidery project, mend a garment, or upcycle a piece into something new. These patterns are like coloring books for thread, making the possibilities endless. Treat your crafter to MCreativeJ peel stick and stitch patterns.

DandelionDoiley DIY Embroidery Necklaces Boxed Kit

Necklace Embroidery Kit

Treat your crafter to a ready to go embroidered jewelry kit. These thoughtfully curated kits are a fun way for them to unwind and make without needing to gather all of the supplies. Plus, they'll have not one, but three necklaces to wear afterwards! Find Dandelion Doiley's DIY Embroidery Necklaces Boxed Kit here.

BeksStitches Enamel Pink Stork Scissors Needle Minder

Needle Minder

Needle minders are magical stitching magnets that hold your embroidery needle in when you need a break. They're easy to use and can be placed directly onto a project in the works. This pink story scissors enamel needle minder design is a playful throwback to embroidery origins in a whimsical color. Find this Bek's Stitches enamel pink stork scissors needle minder here.

Tailor's chalk pencil for fabric

Transfer Pencil

Easily draw on dark fabrics with this tailor's chalk pencil. White marking tools can be hard to find and it's a good bet your crafter doesn't have one of these in their stash. And even if they do, they can always use another! Find this tailor's chalk pencil for fabric here.

silicone thimbles/needle grippers

Thimbles/ Needle Grips

You cannot go wrong with a thimble or needle grip! These not only save your finger tips, but also make it easier to grip the needle when pushing or pulling it through the fabric. Trust me when I say, your stitcher will thank you for these. Find these Little House Japanese silicone rubber grip thimbles here.

the better bobbin winder

Bobbin Winder

Winding thread bobbins is not something many stitchers enjoy. Anything that makes the process faster and easier is a plus. This bobbin winder looks like a good solution to save your hands and get your thread bobbins wound. Find the Better Bobbin Winder here.

Bow Straight Pins

Cute Sewing Pins

Sewing pins are used by all sorts of crafters! You really can't go wrong with them because they're always handy. And when you find cute ones, like these bows, even better. Find these bow straight sewing pins here.

Pinkut Pinking Shears

Pinking Shears

These funky looking scissors have a zig-zag blade. They're excellent for cutting fabric because it keeps it from fraying. These scissors should be a stable in every stitchers tool box. Find these pinkut pinking shears here.

Miyuki Duracoat, Earth-Tones, 11/0 Round Seed Beads


More and more stitchers are adding embellishments to their work. Beads are the next frontier! Treat your stitcher to this gorgeous assortment of seed beads. They're sure to have fun adding them to their next project. Find these Miyuki Duracoat Round Seed Beads in Earth-Tones here.

hand made flower motif sew-in labels from Junebug and Darlin

Handmade Labels

Add a little something special to a finished piece with a handmade label. These lovely labels from Junebug and Darlin are perfect to add to the back of a hoop, a garment, or sew into anything you've made. Find these hand made flower motif sew-in labels from Junebug and Darlin here.

vinyl sticker that features a floral embroidery hoop and stork scissors


Stickers are fun no matter what your age! Add them to sketch notebooks, floss boxes, or just save them as a collection. This vinyl sticker that features a floral embroidery hoop and stork scissors is perfect for any sticker! Find this sticker and more from The Kitchy Stitcher here.

***Thanks for reviewing my stocking stuffer recommendations. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item listed, I may receive a small portion of the sale.***


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