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Birthday Reflections and New Things To Come

Today I am officially the big 3-0. Yep, you read that right, 30. When I was younger it always seemed like everyone in their 30s had life figured out and that they just knew what it meant to be an adult. Now that I'm in the 30's gang, I wonder if I'll ever feel that way... ⁠⠀

That isn't to say I don't have a lot to be proud of or reflect on. I survived my rebellious teenage years, graduated from college, moved to a new city for work, started my own small business, got married, and have found out quite a bit about myself along the way. ⁠⠀

When I started MCreativeJ, I did so because I needed a creative outlet from my day job. I wanted to break away from technology and play with color and texture in a way I couldn't do at work. I wanted to immerse myself in the nostalgia of making things, inspired by my mom's enthusiasm for having my sisters and I get our hands messy with glue, fabric, thread, and paint.

Now, almost 5 years into MCreativeJ, I still find joy in making things, learning new skills, and playing with texture and color. Running a small business has brought about some learning curves, and it's also been an extremely rewarding experience. I've grown in ways I couldn't imagine and so has my small business.

Leading up to my 30th, I spent time reflecting on growth and where I want MCreativeJ to grow in the years to come. After tossing around many ideas and weighing the different aspects of this business that I love, I decided to branch out into more pattern making next year. Not to bury the lead here or anything— MCreativeJ will have a monthly pattern program starting January.

You read that right! Look for a monthly pattern program starting in 2020!

Over the past few years I've crafted embroidery kits, Peel, Stick, and Stitch patterns, and delved into teaching local workshops. I've grown to love sharing the joy of embroidery and teaching these skills to others. My monthly pattern program will be an extension of this love that everyone can take part in. Each month, a new and exclusive pattern will be available just for subscribers. I already have January's pattern designed and can't wait to share it with you!

More to come soon on this. For now, cheers to my 30s and growth..


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