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Pre-Order Now: DIY Embroidered Shoes Book

DIY Embroidered Shoes book by Melissa Galbraith

I'm thrilled to share that my latest book, DIY Embroidered Shoes, was sent off to my publisher! After 6 months of work, I hit the send button on all the content. It was a thrilling and relieving experience all at the same time.

When I originally pitched the idea of a second book to my publisher, Fox Chapel Publishing, I thought this was going to write a slightly different book. (You can read all about that here). But in the end, I wrote about embroidering shoes. And I had so much fun!

Prior to this book, I had done plenty of clothing embroidery and some shoe embroidery, but nothing to the extent of shoes needed for this book. I really loved sourcing colorful shoes to stitch on and figuring out which shoes worked best for embroidery. I also had to pace myself, because stitching on shoes is very hard on the hands. My hands ached a lot this winter. Thankfully, I found some ways to care for them too.

What inspired the designs?

Much of the inspiration for the designs in this book came from my surroundings and childhood. I pulled inspiration from berry picking in my parent's backyard to visiting the Seattle aquarium. Like much of my work, you'll find lots of plants and landscapes, but also some animals in these pieces.

What will be included in this book?

Much like my first book, How to Embroider Texture and Pattern, DIY Embroidered Shoes, will walk you through everything from start to finish. I cover materials, types of shoes, a robust stitch glossary, and various embroidery techniques like beading and stumpwork. This book includes 13 specific shoe patterns with tons of photos and step by step details, additional patterns to customize your own shoes, and a section on how to make your own espadrilles with two espadrille specific patterns too.

So when can you get your hands on DIY Embroidered Shoes?

My book will be available December 2024! And for those of you that are already eagerly waiting, you can pre-order a copy through Amazon now!

DIY Embroidered Shoes by Melissa Galbraith

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