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Create Stunning Cyanotype Botanical Embroidery with MCreativeJ's Latest Stitch Kit

Cyanotype Botanicals Embroidery Kit

A new year means new embroidery kits. I'm thrilled to share the first new embroidery kit to be added the MCreativeJ stitching collection is the Cyanotype Botanicals embroidery kit.

Cyanotype Botanicals was inspired by a cyanotype class I took last year. I loved being able to use found materials and this sun based photographic process to create photos. I will admit, my cyanotypes didn't all turn out how I wanted, but it was cool to try a new craft.

I later played with this idea on clothing, embroidering the cyanotype design onto indigo dyed onto shorts. These shorts are now perfect for summer. I loved the idea of combining indigo dye and embroidery to recreate a cyanotype. This ensures you get a beautiful "print" every time.

Since I already indigo dye the fabric for my Positive Plants embroidery kit, I figured why not add in another indigo dyed kit. Thus, after some trial and error, and reiteration of design over the past year, the Cyanotype Botanicals embroidery kit was born!

Beginner-Friendly Cyanotype Botanicals Embroidery Kit

The Cyanotype Botanicals embroidery kit is great for beginners and stitchers of all ages. This beginner-friendly kit includes all the materials you'll need to complete the project from start to finish.

cyanotype botanicals embroidery kit materials

In this kit you'll have fun learning to blend thread colors and create a gorgeous botanical design. The Cyanotype Botanicals embroidery kit includes step by step photo instructions to walk you through everything from start to finish.

I hope you have fun stitching my newest embroidery kit! You can find all of the beginner-friendly embroidery kits on my website.

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