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Desert Dreaming: Pattern Club Takes You on a Trip to the Desert

November is my birthday month, so I decided to create a favorite of mine for Pattern Club. Yep, you guessed it- the desert. Usually I'd try to take a long weekend trip to a warm desert locale, but that's just not in the cards this year. Like many of us, I'm trying to stay home and stay safe. So instead of lamenting over my inability to travel, I pulled inspiration from past trips to the Grand Canyon and Antelope Valley to create two dreamy desert designs that fulfill a bit of my wanderlust wishes.

Pattern Club members will be treated with two variations of a desert design this month. You can choose from the Canyon Desert design or the Canyon Gazer design- or don't choose and stitch them both. I've stitched each pattern multiple times!

Can you believe the Desert Canyon pattern uses only two stitches to create this warm desertscape?! While it might seem daunting to fill in a majority of your hoop with thread, I've separated out each step to make stitching this design easy! It's almost like paint by number, but with thread.

As you've probably noticed, the Canyon Gazer pattern builds on the Desert Canyon with a few more stitches and techniques. Just like the Desert Canyon design, I've created this pattern so that stitchers of all skill levels can stitch this. Each step of the process, stitches, and technique is broken down step-by-step with photos and detailed written instructions. I've also included tips and tricks that'll help you along the way.

If you remember back in July and August, Club members stitched a few other Gazer patterns. I wanted to add to the Gazer collection with this new design. If you'd like to create some of the other designs in the Gazer collection look for the Cactus Gazer and the Beach Gazer.

As with all Pattern Club patterns, these designs are beginner-friendly! Patterns feature 2 to 6 different embroidery stitches. Each stitch and step in the pattern is detailed with photo and written instructions. The digital pattern also includes a materials list, fabric recommendations, pattern transfer tips, a how-to on knotting, splitting, and measuring thread, a color guide, and a stitch guide. As an added bonus, each pattern also features how to finish the design in the hoop.

If you've ever wanted to learn embroidery, refresh your skills, or are just looking for something fun to stitch each month, then Pattern Club is for you. So treat yourself to a cozy craft as the weather starts to turn colder!

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