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Holiday (Sale) In July

It's been hot hot hot in Seattle these last few weeks. While I love warmer weather, not having A/C makes it hard to enjoy these 100+ temp days. So instead of fun in the sun, my family and I have been hunkering down in the coolest part of our house, crafting, snoozing, and watching a lot of HGTV. BTW, Martha Stewart and I are now besties and I feel confident I can retile a bathroom. JK!

But all this time inside, did get me thinking that if I want to start on any handmade holiday gifts, I need to get a move on. Every year I have such good intentions of creating something special for everyone of my family members and friends... and then I promptly forget how long things take to actually make and follow through with far less then I had planned on.

Anyone else thinking holidays? Or is it just me?

If you're wanting to handmake all your holiday presents and decor, with your new found or newly discovered crafting skills, then you're in luck! From July 6-11, 2021 you can use code HolidayInJuly2021 at mcreativejshop.com for 20% off all holiday items. This special Holiday in July sale is just for you planners out there.

Happy making- Melissa


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