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Homebody Weekly: April 24

This week has been rough for me. I've been feeling physically and emotionally drained. Dealing with many deadlines at my day job, trying to source materials to restock embroidery kits, working to meet MCreativeJ project deadlines, and the anxiety of working with people who have dissimilar styles than myself has really ratcheted up my stress levels. So much so that I almost decided to give up on writing Homebody Weekly this week.

And then Wednesday afternoon I received a cute video call from a coworker's daughter who wanted to sing to me. This sweet little girl sang me two songs from the movie Frozen. It was the lighthearted whimsical moment I needed to burst my anxiety bubble and allow me to step back from everything that's been going on. And while her singing didn't cure me of all my anxiety and stress, it did remind me that it is important to take breaks, step back, and be silly.

I've seen so many posts on Instagram and Pinterest telling me to dive into craft during this time of uncertainty as a form of therapy. And I've also seen posts saying it's ok to do the exact opposite right now. As someone who has done both (diving into quilting and projects my first few weeks of quarantine and now needing to rest), I can say that both of these statements resonate deeply.

Crafting has been a way to step back from everything around me and work on something tangible that I had control over. Knowing when to step back and rest is just as important.

Thanks for sticking around for my journal entry of a post this week. I know many of us are dealing with far more pressing concerns than anxiety and stress as this pandemic continues during these uncertain times.

If you want to dive into crafting here are a few great options:

My friend and fellow stitcher, Sara Barnes of Brown Paper Bag Stitch designed this lovely Little Women inspired embroidery pattern. And it's FREE! You can download the pattern and find instructions here.

And after you finish an embroidery, you may be wondering what to do with your amazing new creation. Well I've rounded up a few fun tutorials and patterns to share how to finish an embroidery in a variety of different ways.

In case you're looking for a fun (virtual) activity to do with your mom for Mother's Day, Spacecraft and I have you covered! Join us for a hands-on 2 hour live Wildflower Embroidery Workshop. This workshop includes a mailed kit full of all needed materials to get crafty- a wooden hoop, fabric, thread, needle, backing materials, instructions, and wildflower patterns. Use code FLOWERS4MOM when you sign up to receive $10 off 2 or more workshop registrations.


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