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How to Finish an Embroidery

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

You’ve finished stitching your embroidery masterpiece--Now what do you do with it? Many modern makers are finishing their designs framed in the embroidery hoop. All MCreativeJ stitch kits and workshops include instructions on how to finish an embroidery in the hoop. I use felt, thread, and a hook to make framing your project easy.

But what if you want to reuse your hoop or do something different with your finish piece? Check out these other great options for finishing an embroidery. Each option listed below comes with a tutorial or pattern to help you finish your embroidery.

Stretched over canvas

Are you more of a fan of traditional art finishing? Wrapping your finished design around a canvas might be the way to go. Spruce Crafts shares a simple tutorial on how to stretch a finished embroidery onto a canvas for display.

Sewn into a quilt or wall hanging

Last winter, my husband gifted me a sewing machine for my birthday. Soon after, I started exploring how to create wall pennants with some of my embroideries. This was an idea I'd been wanting to explore, but needed a sewing macing to make it happen. After much trial, error, and experimenting, I created this PDF pattern to help you turn an embroidery into your own hanging pennant.

Turned into a jacket patch Sarah K. Benning offers an easy tutorial on how to turn an embroidery into a jacket patch. Wether your piece is small or giant, Sarah provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a patch, like the one pictured in the photo.

Added to a tote bag

Tote bags are the handiest bags ever! (At least I think so). Add a little something special to a bag you use every day. My Blueprint shares an easy 5-step tutorial on how to add embroidery to your tote bag.

The possibilities with embroidery are endless! How will you finish your embroidery?


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