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How to Embroider the Cross Stitch

Texture Terrarium Stitch Along Day 8: Cross Stitch

We'll be using the cross stitch to add the prickly bits to our stick cactus.

The Stitch:

The cross stitch is just like it's name. We'll be creating small crosses.

Watch the video below for how to embroider the cross stitch and scroll down for a step-by-step guide + information on how to join the Textural Terrarium Stitch Along with Pattern Club.

How To Video:

Step By Step Guide:

1. Bring your needle up through the fabric where you would like the top point of your cross to start.

2. Make a short stitch forward to create the first bar of your cross.

3. Next, bring your needle up through the fabric perpendicular and slightly away from the stitch you just made.

4. Then create a short stitch forward that crosses over the first stitch you created.

Want to join in the Textural Terrarium Stitch Along? During July 2021 you can join Pattern Club and stitch this design along with us for only $10! If clubs aren't your thing or it's not July, you can purchase the digital pattern here. Then follow along with each blog post to learn how to create each embroidery stitch used in this Textural Terrarium. You can also find more colorful and beginner-friendly embroidery patterns and kits in the MCreativeJ shop.

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