How To Embroider The Long And Short Satin Stitch- A Video Tutorial

Updated: Mar 7

The long and short satin stitch is another great stitch for filling in large spaces. It's comprised of long stitches of uneven lengths that are usually close together to a filled in section of color. I love using this stitch to add a little texture to a block of color or to blend colors together for an ombre affect. Here's how we'll be using the long and short satin stitch in the Stained Glass Sampler embroidery pattern. Want to stitch along with us? Get the Stained Glass Sampler pattern here or join Pattern Club.

Video Tutorial:

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. The long and short satin stitch is a good filler stitch and creates a smooth appearance. First, take your needle and thread and create one straight stitch.