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How To Embroider The Long And Short Satin Stitch- A Video Tutorial

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

The long and short satin stitch is another great stitch for filling in large spaces. It's comprised of long stitches of uneven lengths that are usually close together to a filled in section of color. I love using this stitch to add a little texture to a block of color or to blend colors together for an ombre affect. Here's how we'll be using the long and short satin stitch in the Stained Glass Sampler embroidery pattern. Want to stitch along with us? Get the Stained Glass Sampler pattern here or join Pattern Club.

Video Tutorial:

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. The long and short satin stitch is a good filler stitch and creates a smooth appearance. First, take your needle and thread and create one straight stitch.

2. Next, bring the needle up again just next to the opposite side of the initial stitch and make another stitch that is shorter or longer than the previous stitch.

3. Continue filling in the space in a horizontal row making stitches that are shorter or longer than the last stitch. Keep the stitches close to one another.

4. After the first horizontal row is complete, add another row of long and short satin stitches that is connected to the first to continue filling in the space. Add rows as needed until the entire space is filled.

Want to embroider the Stained Glass Sampler embroidery pattern? During March 2021 you can join Pattern Club and stitch this design along with us for only $10! If clubs aren't your thing or it's not March, you can purchase the digital pattern here. Then follow along with each blog post to learn how to create each embroidery stitch used in this Stained Glass Sampler. You can also find more colorful and beginner-friendly embroidery patterns and kits in the MCreativeJ shop.


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