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How To Embroider The Stem Stitch - A Video Tutorial

The stem stitch is a stitch that wraps around itself, similar to a rope. This stitch is great for outlining curves and creating stems or vines. Here's how we'll use the stem stitch in the Stained Glass Sampler embroidery pattern. Get the embroidery pattern here or join Pattern Club and stitch along with us. Watch the video below then check out the step-by-step-tutorial.

Video Tutorial:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

1. Bring your needle up through the back of the fabric to the front where you would like the stem stitch to start.

2. Hold the thread off to the side and bring the needle back down through the fabric one stitch length away.

3. Next, bring the needle up through the fabric, along the line of the stem, in between the start and end of the stitch you just made.

4. Gently pull the thread so that the loop held off to the side is now taught with the fabric.

5. To start the next stitch, hold the thread off to the side, and bring the needle down through the fabric a stitches length. Bring the needle back up through the fabric along the same line in between the two stitches and pull the thread taught. Continue, until the stem line is complete.


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