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Learn How To Embroider Your Clothing

Have you ever wanted to learn how to embroider your clothing? Are you curious about what stitches to use? How to transfer your design? And how to make your embroidered clothing last?

Lucky for you! I'm teaching a hands-on workshop at Urban Craft Uprising's Camp ThunderCraft to share all this and more. We'll spend 90 minutes together creating playful embroidered designs for our clothing. All you have to do is a bring a garment! I'll guide you through transferring a design (and have some sample designs available for use), a few basic embroidery stitches to get you started, and also how to care for your embroidered clothing once you're done stitching.

What is Camp ThunderCraft and why am I teaching with Urban Craft Uprising?

Camp ThunderCraft is a retreat for small business owners. This year it'll be from April 22-24 at Vashon Island's Camp Burton. Throughout the weekend small business owners can connect through business and workshop classes, learn new ways to move their business forward, and hear from inspiring professionals in the handmade creative space.

I'm looking forward to joining fellow small business owners, learning how we can better our businesses, and taking hands-on workshops, while also teaching one!

Does this sound like fun? Join us for Camp ThunderCraft here. Find a full list of classes here. And learn more about instructors here.


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