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Embroidery Workshop Essentials

Have you seen those TikToks that show off things in your house/life that are designed so well, they just make sense? Well, I thought I'd hop on the trend and show off things I bring to my embroidery workshops that just make sense too!

Hoop Stand

I use a hoop stand to hold my project and demonstrate stitches. This makes it easier for students to see what I'm teaching and I can adjust the stand based on the project I'm working on. Mine is a table top hoop stand that I found on Amazon.


I love bringing samples to class so students can see how stitches can be created and used in a variety of ways. They're another great tool for helping students see what they're creating and can create on their embroidery journey.


You'll probably find more thread than you'll even need at my workshops. I personally think you can never have enough, so it's always great to have options. My class kits do come with thread, and I encourage students to swap out colors or add to the colors they already have. All of my classes use DMC embroidery thread. In case you're in need of thread of other embroidery supplies, check out my favorite products from DMC.

Ort Jars

You might be wondering, what an Ort Jar is? Orts are the leftover snips of thread. (The word ort reportedly comes from Middle Low German and means leftover.) They may be be tiny thread bits or longer lengths you no longer need. Either way, they tend to get everywhere. Having jars on the table helps keep our workspace a little cleaner and less likely you'll wear thread bits out at the end of class.


Scissors are a pretty essential part of any workshop. I try to have lots of fun pairs on hand. Not only do they look cute, but everyone will have a pair to use throughout the class.

Thread Gloss

Thread gloss is a delightful smelling beeswax conditioner for your thread. It can keep your thread from tangling as well as help with threading your needle. Because we're still in the "wearing a mask indoors" phase, I bring lots of thread gloss so that everyone can use it to thread their needles, instead of sticking their thread in their mouths. My favorite thread gloss is by Ponderosa Creative.


When you join me for an MCreativeJ workshop, I make sure you have everything you need to start your project in a hand kit. All you'll need to do is bring yourself and a little bit of patience to start stitching!

See you in class!

Check out the in-person and virtual workshops coming your way on my events calendar here.

***This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for checking out my recommendations. If you decide to purchase an item listed, I may receive a small portion of the sale.***


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