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New Year, New Craft: How To Get Started With A Crafty Hobby

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Happy 2019! A new year means a new you... or at least a new crafty hobby, right?! Every year I make a few resolutions and inevitably I add “loose weight” and “exercise more” to my list. But these things usually don’t stick and I go back to my old ways. 

So instead of the usual boring New Years resolutions, I encourage you to try a new hobby in 2019 and make something with your hands! Stepping away from technology and enjoying the tactical and rewarding joy of making something has helped me relax and appreciate the artistry of handmade pieces.  For those of you looking to get into embroidery this year, check out these amazing embroidery artists who also offer kits, patterns, tutorials, and classes to help you start on your embroidery journey.

Lark Rising Embroidery Lauren of Lark Rising Embroidery, offers a monthly pattern download. Each pattern is unique and comes with an in-depth guide that includes what kinds of materials you’ll need and how to do different stitches. Her patterns are available in varying skill levels, perfect for beginners and advanced stitchers.

Hopebroidery Hope of Hopebroidery creates monthly stitch subscription boxes. Her boxes come with a unique design, hoop, needle, thread, fabric, and scissors all loving curated each month. Along with all the materials, Hope demonstrates each month’s pattern stitches in video tutorials on her Instagram.

Thread Honey Jenn, the designer behind Thread Honey, crafts chic and beautifully modern downloadable patterns and stitch kits. I’m always in awe of Jenn’s truly magical designs.

Sarah K Benning Sarah is the embroidered botanical queen. I'm seriously amazed by every single one of her botanical patterns. Sarah offers a monthly pattern subscription or you can download patterns individually. Her modern and detailed patterns are simply gorgeous. Another craft similar to embroidery is cross stitch. In cross stitch, all your stitches are X’s. If you’re more mathematically inclined or love mapping and planning then cross stitch might be your jam.

Stitch Octopus My friend Rachel of Stitch Octopus creates the loveliest cross stitch kits. Each pattern is designed by her and she offers a wealth of information in her kits. I love the decadent colors she uses and the quality of her kits is amazing. If you don’t need a full kit, she also has downloadable patterns.  Over the holidays, my husband gifted me a punch needle. It’s been a fun challenge learning this new skill. Punch needle is similar to embroidery, however faster than traditional stitching and easier on your hands/eyes. For those interested in this faster fiber craft, check out these punch needle artists for supplies and kits.

Amy is the inventor and maker of The Oxford Punch Needle. Her punch needle is easy to use and available in multiple sizes. She also offers various supplies, kits, and great detailed instructions. If you're in Vermont, also check out Amy's classes.

Andie of Myra and Jean creates color-filled and playful punch needle kits. Each kit design is handmade by Andie and she chooses such vibrant and joyful colors for her designs. And offers kits, supplies, and an online course to make it easy to learn how to punch needle.

Lauren is my new favorite punch needle artist. Her works are vibrant, colorful, playful, and modern. Plus, I just love all that texture. Lauren offers kits for some of her patterns as well as teaches in-person workshops in Wisconsin.

And if you want to learn hand embroidery from me in 2019, I'll be teaching a sashiko-inspired embroidery mending class on February 24th at Not Without Salt Shop. This decorative mending technique is a wonderful way to get more use out of your clothes and a creative way to patch your favorite worn out pieces. The use of colorful thread and geometric patterns turns worn out pieces into wearable works of art.

So, have fun and learn a new skill! Your 2019 self will thank you.


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