Snazzy Snips: Cute Ways to Cut Your Thread

Updated: Oct 20

Why use regular scissors when you can use cute scissors? Stork scissors are the iconic embroidery scissors, but did you know embroidery wasn't their original use? Stork scissors were originally stork shaped clamps that were originally used to deliver babies. Over time, their design and use has evolved to the scissors we now associate with hand sewing.

As the stork scissors have evolved, so has embroidery scissor design. Scissors have seen a modern revamp and are now a fun stitching accessory. Scroll down for unique scissor finds.

How magical are these? I have a pair of these gold unicorn scissors and every time I use them, they make me smile.

Break the (scissor) mold with these cute gem scissors. They're available in gold and black and these tiny thread snips are sure to be a simplistic stand out.

Another animal I wouldn't have expected to see on a pair of scissors is a kangaroo! These Aussie inspired scissors are a unique design and will have you hopping to cut your next thread.

I heart stitching. Don't you? Share how much you love the craft with these heart shaped scissors. This design is available in a variety of color too!

Speaking of furry friends, these cute rabbit scissors are another adorable animal option.

Flower power! How lovely is this bouquet of flower scissors? And they're available in so many different colors! Order a bouquet of flower scissors or one in your favorite color.

Don't let these cute thread snips fly away! These butterfly scissors are a beautiful and useful addition to any stitchers accessories.

These Putford Scissors remind me of a pair of round eyeglasses. They're so cute and tiny.

Another magical pair of snips are these mermaid scissors. Don't let these elusive snips swim away.

So... these aren't really scissors you can use to cut thread, but these stork scissor stickers were too cute not to include with all these scissor options.

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