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Stitch Sunset Forest with Pattern Club

Inspired by sunsets seen from my back deck, this month Pattern Club is diving into applique and embroidery! We're using fabric to create a sunset and then embroidering trees on top of it to create a forest. Doesn't that sound fun?

Fabric collage is something I love to play with (so much so, that I teach it as a workshop!) because it's fun to use different fabrics and threads to create something beautiful.

For this month's Pattern Club design, you can use any fabrics you'd like to create any kind of sunset or sunrise. I share the fabrics I used in this pattern as well as the different stitches for the trees.

Like all Pattern Club designs, this digital PDF pattern is packed with photos to walk you through each step of the pattern from start to finish.

Have fun and I can't wait to see the design you create!

Happy stitching- Melissa

If you're not a Pattern Club member, be sure to sign up here to get this pattern!


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