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11 Cute and Quirky Pin Cushions to Store Your Pins and Needles

Once you get into any kind of sewing, you probably realize you have a ton of pins and needles. When I first started, I left mine out willy nilly. Loose with projects, in the arm of a sofa- you name it, I probably left a needle or two there. And because of this there were definitely a few instances of being stabbed by a needle.

Well not any more! A few pricks in and I quickly realized I wasn't about to lead that risky craft life. Instead, I created these playful quilted needle books.

Along with my needle books, here's 11 cute, quirky, and helpful ways to hold your pins and needles.

Cute Rainbow Sharpening Pincushion from G And The Bear

Vintage Ceramic Shoe With Playful Puppy Made into New Pin Cushion from Avi8rLady

Poppies felt wrist pin cushion from elrinconcitodezivi

Avocado Cat Pincushion from Awkward Dino Creations

Flower Pincushion from MandarinasDeTela

Needle felted bear bread pincushion from HypnoticPoppetShop

Solid BRASS SEWING BIRD Hemming Clamp with Velvet Pin Cushion from LivingEzee

Little House Japanese Pincushion Thimble Ring from kimonomomo

Kitsch Metal Kangaroo Pin Cushion from Sheer Trash Roadshow

Magnetic Sewing Needle Case Needle Slider Case Nancy Mystery Book Clue of the Missing Stitch from Pinoy Stitch

Pincushion - Tree Stump with mushroom pin from hitree

***Thanks for reviewing my recommendations. This post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase, I may receive a small portion of the sale. ***

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