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5 Ways to Embroider Your Life: How to Delightfully Add Modern Embroidery To Your Everyday

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

From embroidered decor to craft supplies, check out these delightful products from modern ways to add embroidery to you life.

Macrame, embroidery, felting, texture, colors- there is so much to love in this Mid Century Rainbow decor created by Posy and Belle!

I'm full on desert dreaming over this Desert Landscape Embroidery Wall Hanging by Ellice Ownes Designs. I love the simplicity of the lines and the texture in this embroidered wall decor.

This prickly pear cactus by Fox Pigeon Decor is a gorgeous spot of fibery greenery. I'm loving this unique textile design and feel like this is one cactus I could keep alive.

My wonderful friend Paige of Ponderosa Creative created this delightful and beginner-friendly Botanical Moonrise embroidery pattern.

Hello colorful embroidery hoops! I'm drooling over this peach color and Happy Hoop La Hoops has so many gorgeous color and pattern options to choose from!

** This post contains affiliate links. Should you decide to purchase something mentioned in this post, I may receive a small commission. **


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