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How to Create a Travel Embroidery Kit

One of the reasons I got into embroidery as an adult, was because I wanted a craft that was easily portable. I love that embroidery can be compact and that I can take it almost anywhere. When I was commuting to my day job, I used to embroider in the morning on my bus ride in and in the evenings on my bus ride home. It was an extremely pleasant way to start and end my day. While I don't commute to work anymore, I still have a small travel kit ready for whenever I'm embroidering on the go. A travel embroidery kit makes adding embroidery to a car ride, a long flight, or even a day trip that much easier to grab your current WIP and go.

So what do I have in my travel embroidery kit? Let me show you!

First, something to keep everything in is essential. When I first started with my travel embroidery kit I used *cringe moment here* a ziplock back. This did not hold up well or look all that cute. I have since upgraded to a scrappy project bag. I love these bags because they're quilted, have bright color fabrics, and have a zipper top to ensure nothing will fall out.

Next, embroidery needles. I usually carry an assortment of sewing needles in various sizes. I will admit that more often than not, I'll lose a needle, so having an assortment is helpful. I store all of my needles in a needlebook. These are handy quilted books with felt pages that can hold tons of sewing needles. I even put my thread scraps in between my book pages when I'm on the go so that I don't end up wearing them about. True story- it's happened and thread can be stuck to you in the most awkward places.

Another tool that has helped me to not lose my sewing needle is a needleminder. These handy magnetic tools keep my embroidery needle in place. Great for when I'm changing thread colors or packing my embroidery away, my needle is always secure. Needleminders are easy to use too and won't damage your project! Simply separate the magnetic pieces, place your project fabric on top of one of the magnets, then place the other magnetic portion of the needle minder on top.

Sometimes I'm not always set on the project pattern I'm working on and have been known to change the design mid-project. Because I can be fickle, I also keep a transfer pen in my travel kit. There are tons of different transfer methods for embroidery, and each has its pros and cons. Check out different transfer methods here to find one you like.

As someone who often works on multiple projects at a time, I find it's extremely important to keep my project threads organized. This is doubly so when I'm creating a pattern. My favorite way to do this is with a binder ring and thread cards. These simple rings can hold quite a few thread cards and make it easy to see and access my project thread. I also like to use thread cards because they're an easy way to organize my thread and know which brand and number I'm using.

Thread gloss is something I didn't know I needed until I tried it. Crazy as it sounds, I always thought some materials and thread were just harder to work with than others. Well thread gloss makes stitching with any thread or fabric easier. Ponderosa Creative makes a variety of lovely smelling blends that act as a conditioner for your thread. Simply run your project thread through thread gloss and start stitching. The difference it makes is truly wonderful. Plus, these compact containers are perfectly sized to fit in any project bag.

Scissors are a necessity for any stitching project. If you can't cut your thread, how can you stitch? I'll admit, I have a growing collection of embroidery scissors because there are so many cute options! Here's some of my favorite scissors. *Special note, if you're flying on a plane, be sure to check travel restrictions. I haven't had a problem with domestic or international flights when I carry on my small embroidery scissors, however, I've known other makers who have lost some of their favorite snips to airline and customs regulations.

And last, but not least, add your current project! If you're in need of project patterns and ideas, check out my collection of PDF patterns, Peel Stick and Stitch patterns, and embroidery kits.

Happy travels and happy stitching! -Melissa

***Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase, I may receive a small portion of the sale.***


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