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How to Display and Decorate Your Home Using Threadwork

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

August 6, 2020 by Julia Weaver

Whether you’re just getting into your craft or you’re a seasoned creator, finding new and creative ways to decorate your home with your threadwork can feel next to impossible. Your beautiful handmade pieces are works of art worthy of display, so we’ve asked experts, from Atlanta to Portland, to share their best tips on how to decorate with textiles and fabrics to bring personality and warmth into your home. 

Try showcasing your art in unexpected places

Use embroidery to create a moment of interest and intrigue. Modern hand embroidery is detailed, textural, colorful, and inspiring. Displaying threadwork in unexpected places such as part of a gallery wall, in between windows, or on a bookshelf, encourages your guests to take a closer look, start a conversation, and develop an appreciation of the handmade. – M Creative J

Read the full article with more threadwork display and decorating tips on Redfin.


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