MCreativeJ's Holiday Gift Guide + Maker Wish List

Updated: Jan 22

I watched cable TV for the first time in ages last week and was shocked to learn that Black Friday has now become a month long November shopping event! I'll admit, I'm not a mid-night Black Friday shopper. Rushing to the store at the wee hours of the morning to buys gifts with zillions of other people gives me anxiety. What I do miss about Black Friday though is the waiting until after Thanksgiving to start shopping for the holidays. Does anyone else feel like making Black Friday all November long takes away from Thanksgiving a little bit?

Thanksgiving is a big deal for my family. It's a time when we come together to celebrate family, eat way too much good food, play Michigan Rummy, and catch up. While our usual Thanksgiving traditions might look a little different than usual this year, I'm still looking forward to hosting our first Thanksgiving in our new house. Wish me luck on baking my first 20lbs turkey!

Since Thanksgiving is such a big deal in our house, I usually don't prep my holiday gift guide or wish list until after the food-filled holiday. But since this year is like no other, many of us are needing to plan more than ever for the holidays, and small businesses need time to prep your amazing gifts, I figured I'd better get to it. So to keep me from rambling on, scroll down to find some of my favorite finds and maker supplies.

If you know me, then you know I love handmade ceramics and plants. Carter and Rose planters are some of my favorite ways to combine the two. These beautifully simple designs turn plants into botanical wall decor. I met Anna, the maker behind Carter and Rose, at a craft show a few years ago and I've loved her work ever since!