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Quarantine Inspired Stitches

Quarantine and embroidery are like two peas in a pod. Staying home more, really helped makers dive into their desire to learn to embroider or enabled other makers to get back into embroidery. Along with a rise in stitching, the pandemic also inspired many stitchers to create quirky and insightful designs. Here's a few pandemic embroidery patterns and designs that really resonated with me. *Some of these designs were created prior to quarantine but fit in so well I couldn't not include them.*

I'm not a fan of big groups in general, but when quarantine happened and I needed to go to the grocery store or wanted to walk around the block, this embroidery pattern by Jojo Giltsoff really hit home.

Need I say more? This beginner-friendly embroidery kit by Pretty Rude Embroidery is a fun way to embroider while also reminding those around you to wear mask- which is now required in some states.

Another great stitched reminder to have up all year round in the bathroom, kitchen, or really where ever you should be washing your hands, is this cross stitch pattern by Easy Stitch Studio.

For those science minded stitchers, Stitching Hew created a Viral Structure Embroidery Pattern. As an added bonus, $4 from each of these patterns sold supports charity!

Need an excuse to stay home outside of quarantine? Try this reminder- it's a beautiful and modern type design pattern by Slow Evenings. Really, it's perfect for us homebodies all year round.

Speaking of home. I was inspired to create this modern houseplant embroidery pattern while spending so much time home.

And if you don't want to embroider, at least you can wear a beautifully embroidered mask like this lipstick design from Made by LA inc. You can even choose your lipstick shade.

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links**


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