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Stitch Signs of Spring with Pattern Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Are you seeing signs of spring? Flowers and greenery has been popping up all over my neighborhood. It's been a delight to see this seasonal change while out on walks with Henley (who is still a terrible walker, btw). I wanted to celebrate it all with my latest Pattern Club design.

Signs of Spring is a delightful embroidery pattern that includes playful flowers and fluffy stitches. We'll use some of the basics in different ways to create a bouquet of colorful flowers. Plus, if you've ever wanted to create that fluffy stitch (aka, turkey work), I'll show you how!

Each pattern club design is meant to be approachable for stitchers of all skills levels. We start at the very beginning with choosing fabric, stretching it in the hoop, threading the needle, as well as transferring the design. Then we get into the pattern and stitching. From there, I'll guide you through the design with photo step-by-steps, detailed instructions, and helpful tips. We'll even go over how to finish the design in the hoop.

So join me and Pattern Club this month and let's stitch Signs of Spring to celebrate this lovely season.



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