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Wildflower Stick and Stitch Patterns are Here!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Happy first day of Spring! While Spring in Seattle usually means more rain with hints of sunshine, I also love this time of year because pops of color start to spring up from the ground and in the trees. And with all the darkness that is Seattle winter, little pops of color and happiness are much needed. Plus, with everything that's going on in the world right now, it's important to stay positive and find joy in the little things.

With Spring in mind, I created Wildflowers, a new Peel Stick and Stitch pattern! This design features 9 water soluble botanical patterns. From pansies to cone flowers and poppies to lupine, these patterns are packed full of stitching fun.

These simple patterns are an easy way to customize your embroidery. And when I say easy, I mean it! The directions are in the name. With your fabric in an embroidery hoop, simply PEEL off the design backing. STICK the sticky side onto your fabric. Then STITCH over the design. When you've finished stitching, wash the design away with warm water.

Peel, Stick, and Stitch designs can be used on almost anything. Whether you want to add embroidery to a t-shirt, a tote bag, or leave the designs displayed in a hoop for a wall hanging, they make getting started easy.

Along with my new wildflower pattern, I also have cacti, floral, tropical plants, fall foliage, and winter botanical Peel, Stick, and Stitch designs to choose from.


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