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4 Tips For Stitching On Thin Fabric

Ever fall in love with fabric only to find it's way too thin for embroidery? This has happened to me all the time. I've bought fabric online and at the craft store thinking it'd be great for an embroidery project. But then when I got home to start stitching I'm seriously disappointed because that fabric is now showing every single strand of thread I've stitch on the front and the back.

So what do you do? Here's 4 tips I've found helpful when embroidering on thin fabric.

Double Your Fabric

The easiest solution is to double the fabric. So instead of stitching through one layer of fabric, stitch through two. This instantly creates a thicker fabric.

Weave Your Stitches

If you love your fabric and don't want to stitch through multiple layers, you can weave your stitches in the back of your piece. Instead of jumping from section to section on the back of your embroidery, you'll want to weave your thread through stitches on the back of your embroidery to move from section to section.

For example, if you're adding leaves to a branch, stitch the branch then add a leaf. Instead of jumping down to the next leaf, weave your thread through the back of the leaf and branch stitches before starting the next leaf.

Knot, Knot, Knot

Aren't a fan of needle weaving? Knot and start again. Instead of jumping around on the back of your embroidery, knot off the section you've finished, and then start the next section. This will help that extra thread on the back from showing through.

Use Less Thread

The thicker and bulkier your thread, the more likely it is to show through thin fabric. Try using less strands of thread. Depending on your fabric, this may keep it from showing through.

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