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5 Ways To Get Involved In National Embroidery Month

Did you know that February is dedicated to all things hand embroidery? That's right! This month I'm encouraging you to pick up a needle & thread and get stitching. There are so many great ways to celebrate this needlecraft. Here's a few to get you started.

Take a workshop or a class with friends

Learning a new craft, or getting back into one, is a wonderful way to recharge yourself physically and mentally. It's also a great way to reignite your imagination and creativity. Shared experiences with others can also have a positive impact on our wellbeing and emotions! So join me for an embroidery workshop and let's create magic!

Visit a museum

Many museums often have a textile exhibit and some are even dedicated to textiles. If you're in the Seattle area, stop by the Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum. For those of you that aren't in the Seattle area, here's a comprehensive list of textile museums.

Shop small and local

Kits, patterns, and stich and stitch designs are a great way to get started with embroidery! Shop Etsy or your local shops for a new craft project. Here's a list of shops where you can find my kits and patterns.

Participate in a stitch along

A stitch along is a great way to learn stitches over a period of time. And lots of embroidery artists have hosted them, like Jessica Long's Embroidery Bingo and Celeste Johnston's Cozy Quilt Stitch Along. I also hosted two stitch alongs last year: Stained Glass Sampler and Textural Terrarium, which you can still join!

Watch a tutorial

Did you know I have free stitch tutorials and projects on my website? They're a great way to learn a new stitch and refresh your memory when working on a new design.


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