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Homebody Weekly

Well it finally happened: we bought a house! (Well almost. We're still technically closing, but it's so close to being done).

While we didn't buy the house I thought we would, I am excited to finally have a place to call home. For the next few weeks I'll be packing up our tiny apartment. I must say, I'm not really looking forward to that. This 600 sq. ft might be small, but somehow we've managed to pack way too much stuff in here. Sea of boxes here we come! And if anyone has any packing tips or recommendations, please send them my way.

All that is to say, besides workshops, everything is pretty much going to be on hold through August. That way we can move in, get settled, and I can finally set up my studio space. (Yes, you read that right! Happy dancing over here.) If you'd like to join me for a workshop this July, you can find all the class options and details here.

So besides my big news, here's a few exciting updates from the creative community:

The Craft Industry Alliance's new scholarship program is now available and you can apply through July 31. Connect with fellow industry professionals, dig into their wealth of helpful information in the CIA online library, and create a thriving craft business. If you know a craft business owner or are one yourself who could benefit from the Craft Industry Alliance, apply for their scholarship!

Where are my modern makers at? Do you teach your craft? Share your sewing expertise at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo! Applications are now open to apply to teach at the 2021 expo. Deadline is August 23, so don't out on this opportunity to connect with hundreds of makers and share your craft.


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