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How Difficult Is Embroidery to Get Started as a Beginner?

hand embroidery hoop and thread

Does hand embroidery sound like fun to you? Is it something you've wanted to try but aren't sure how or where to start? Are you worried embroidery is difficult? Or maybe you're thinking hand embroidery is hard to learn?

How Difficult is Hand Embroidery? Is it Beginner Friendly?

Like all crafts hand embroidery takes time to get good. You won't be perfect on your first stitch or even your 100th. But you'll see progress as you practice. All crafts take practice, that's how you learn that skill to get good at it.

I like to think of hand embroidery as coloring with thread. Different stitches help you create different textures. The more you stitch the easier it gets.

hands embroidering

Here Are Some Beginner Friendly Embroidery Stitches to Get You Started

Back Stitch
  • Back Stitch: The back stitch is a beginner-friendly embroidery stitch that is great for creating lines and filling in spaces. It's a versatile stitch that's easy to create. The back stitch is comprised of short connected stitches that form lines or rows. Watch this video tutorial to see how the back stitch is made.

Satin Stitch
  • Satin Stitch: The satin stitch is a comprised of long stitches that are usually straight and close together to create a smooth, filled in appearance. I love using this stitch to fill in sections with color. Watch this video tutorial to see how the satin stitch is made and use these 7 tips for embroidering a flat satin stitch.

Stem Stitch
  • Stem Stitch: The stem stitch is a stitch that wraps around itself, similar to a rope. This stitch is great for outlining curves and creating stems or vines. Watch this video tutorial to see how the stem stitch is made.

Reverse Chain Stitch
  • Reverse Chain Stitch: The reverse chain stitch it one of my favorite stitches. Not only does it add texture and dimension to an embroidery, but it also reminds me of a warm chunky sweater. The reverse chain stitch is chain links in a row. When in a single row they can look like a bracelet, and when stitches in a large section can look like knitting. Watch this video tutorial to see how the reverse chain stitch is made.

Here Are Some Beginner Friendly Embroidery Kits to Get You Started

Variegated Monstera- DIY Beginner Hand Embroidery Kit

Variegated Monstera- Beginner Hand Embroidery Kit

Looking to get tropical? Try one of these vibrant variegated monstera leaves! This beginner-friendly embroidery kit makes learning to blend colors easy and relaxing, just like a tropical vacation. Choose from coral, teal, or lime monstera leaves to stitch.

Embroidered mushroom earrings

Embroidered Earrings- Beginner Hand Embroidery Kit

What's better than creating something special? Creating something special you can wear! Use this beginner-friendly DIY hand embroidery kit to create your own pair of mini prickly pear cactus, mushroom, or flower earrings. This easy to follow kit will walk you through how to transfer a design, create the radial satin stitch, seed stitch, French knot, long and short satin stitch, and running stitch, as well as finish the embroidery in the earring setting.

Cyanotype Botanicals- Beginner Embroidery DIY Craft Kit

Cyanotype Botanicals- Beginner Hand Embroidery Kit

Stitch the perfect botanical cyanotype. Recreate an age old photographic process with a needle and thread for stunning effect. Cyanotype Botanicals is a beginner-friendly DIY embroidery kit that will walk you through how to embroider 4 different embroidery stitches, how to blend thread, and create a gorgeous botanical design. Each kit includes materials to make one complete hoop. Kit includes: one of a kind hand dyed indigo cotton fabric, a 4-inch beechwood embroidery hoop, transfer design, embroidery needle, full skeins of DMC embroidery thread, felt, a sawtooth hook, and detailed written + photo printed instructions.

How to Embroider Texture and Pattern

Here's a Beginner Friendly Hand Embroidery Book to Get You Started

How to Embroider Texture and Pattern

Channel your love for nature and build your stitching skills by learning how to embroider stunning textures, patterns, colors, and other eye-catching details into your hand-stitched projects — all inside this must-have book for embroidery enthusiasts of any skill level!

Featuring 20 embroidery projects of desert canyons, purple mountains, beaches, sunsets, valley views, unique flora, and more, each with step-by-step instructions, photography, illustrated stitch guides, and patterns, this embroiderer's resource is filled with vibrant designs that start simply then slowly progress in difficulty to challenge and grow your skills as you bring beautiful outdoor scenes to life. Experiment with printed fabrics and unique stitches in this exciting approach to embroidery!

In 160 pages, this complete guide takes a skill-building approach that enables you to improve and grow your repertoire, breaking down beginner to advanced hand embroidery stitches, providing advice color blending, and highlighting the playfulness of embroidery. You'll find easy-to-follow tutorials for more than 30 need-to-know embroidery stitches, guidance for incorporating fabric prints into your projects to enhance the design, textural and 3D embroidery instruction, how to transfer a pattern, how to prep your hoop, how to finish the backs of your hoops, and other fundamental techniques. Have fun with color, create rich textures, and feel confident as you stitch your love for nature!

hand embroidering a stained glass landscape design

Here's a Beginner Friendly Online Course to Get Your Started

Create a beautiful 'stained glass' embroidery piece through a step-by-step process. Start with basic materials and end with a stunning finished product.

Embark on an inspiring journey into the world of embroidery with Melissa Galbraith, a talented fiber artist specializing in this intricate craft. Melissa will guide you through the process of creating stunning landscapes using a stained-glass aesthetic. No matter your skill level, this course offers a unique opportunity to explore the art of embroidery and translate the beauty of your surroundings into vibrant needlework.

Melissa's love for nature serves as a constant inspiration for her embroidery. Through a series of engaging lessons, she will teach you how to sketch and transfer a beautiful landscape design onto fabric. With Melissa's expert guidance, you'll select the perfect threads and colors to bring your embroidery to life. You'll learn a variety of stitching techniques, including satin stitches, back stitches, reverse chain stitches, and the couching stitch, which will help you achieve impactful textures and a stunning stained-glass effect.

You'll gain valuable insights into color selection, creating vibrant and modern designs that reflect your unique style. With Melissa's tips for displaying your finished piece like framed art and sharing it on social media, you'll be able to showcase your talent and connect with fellow embroidery enthusiasts.

Sign up for the Domesitka course.

Melissa embroidering

Here's Where You Can Find In-Person Beginner Friendly Embroidery Workshops to Get You Started

I've been embroidering since childhood. While I didn't love learning how to embroider at that age, I'm very thankful my mom sat me down and showed me the basics. About 10 years ago, I got back into embroidery and fell in love. Now I embroider full-time and teach weekly hand embroidery workshops for beginners to advanced stitchers.

See all of my upcoming workshops and join me for a class.


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