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How to Create an Embroidered Patch

Updated: May 28

I know many of us are now spending more time at home than we have in a while. If social distancing has you wondering what you're going to do with yourself, then I've got you covered with an embroidered patch tutorial!

What you'll need:

How to create a hand embroidered patch:

Step 1: Place your felt in the embroidery hoop.

Step 2: Peel the back off of the Peel Stick and Stitch pattern and place it, sticky side down, on your felt.

Step 3: Using the satin stitch, fill in the pattern.

The satin stitch is a good filler stitch and creates a smooth appearance. It's also a great way to fill in large areas. Bring your needle up from the back of the fabric to the front. Then make a short straight stitch, about 1/4 inch long. Bring your needle up again just next to the opposite side of the initial stitch and continue to fill in the space. Keep the stitches close to one another, and work in rows as required to fill the design. The satin stitch is almost like coloring.

For this example, I'm using the zebra plant from my Detailed Cactus Peel Stick and Stitch patterns. If cacti aren't your thing, I have plenty of other botanical options.

Step 4: After stitching, remove the felt from the embroidery hoop and wash the Peel Stick and Stitch pattern away with warm water. Lay the felt flat to dry completely.

Step 5: Once dried, trim the felt to about 1/4 inch from the edge of the embroidery.

Step 6: Align the embroidered felt to another piece of felt and stitch around the edges of the design so that the back of your work is covered.

If you want to turn your design into a pin, you can stitch a pin back to the second piece of felt, before attaching it to your embroidered design!

Step 7: With the second piece of felt attached to the design, trim the felt to 1/4 inch from the edge of the felt.

Congrats, your patch is finished. Enjoy and wear it proudly!

I'd love to see which patches you create. Share your patches on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @mcreativej.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a small percentage from that sale. Thank you for your support.


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