How To Embroider The Button Hole Stitch - A Video Tutorial

The button hole stitch is traditionally used to reinforce the area around a button hole. I love using this stitch as a decorative design on top of another stitch or to let the fabric show through on my embroidery. Here's how we'll be using the button hole stitch in the Stained Glass Sampler pattern. Watch the video tutorial and see the step-by-step tutorial process below.

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Video Tutorial:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

1. The button hole stitch can be used to create a fan-like shape or fill in a space. Start at the point you would like the inside of the button hole design to begin.

2. Hold the thread off to the side of the fabric and bring the needle back down in the same hole. This should make a loop of thread on the front of the fabric.

3. Next bring your needle up through the loop of thread on the front of the fabric, where you would like to outer edge of the button hole to be.

4. Hold the thread off to the side again and bring the needle back down through the fabric at the bottom point of the button hole. If you are creating an arc, this will be in the same place as the previous inner stitch. If you are filling in a shape, this will be slightly further along the inner edge of the shape.

5. Continue adding segments of the button hole until reaching the desired shape/size.

6. To end the button hole stitch, bring the needle back down through the fabric just to the right of the top of the last thread loop.

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