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How & Why to Condition Your Hand Embroidery Thread

How & Why to Condition Your Hand Embroidery Thread

Conditioning hand embroidery thread involves applying a thin layer of beeswax to your embroidery thread before you start stitching. From cross stitch to hand embroidery to quilting and sewing thread conditioner is used by many different needle crafts. Along with the fiber arts, bookbinders and beaders also use thread conditioners!

Taking the time to condition your thread may seem unnecessary and like something you probably haven't thought to do before. But here's why you shouldn't skip on conditioning your thread before you start stitching.

How and Why to Condition Your Embroidery Thread

embroidery thread, hoop, scissors, and thread gloss

What is Thread Conditioner or Thread Gloss?

Thread Gloss is a specially formulated wax and oil blend that coats your thread to prevent tangles, fraying, and brittleness. Think of it as a deep conditioner for your thread and embroidery floss. Mojave Blend thread gloss contains local beeswax, organic coconut oil, and essential oils and extracts to make it smell and glide perfectly over your thread.

Mojave Blend thread gloss with needle and scissors

Why Would You Condition Your Thread?

Using thread conditioner has many benefits. By applying a thin coat of the wax blend to your thread you can strengthen the thread, reduce fuzziness, and reduce thread knots and tangles when you embroider. When stitching with multiple strands of floss, waxing also helps the strands stay together.

While many embroiderers stick with cotton embroidery thread, thread conditioner can be used on all sorts of threads. From metallic to specialty threads, waxing helps tame the threads and make them more manageable when you're stitching.

How to Use Thread Gloss

A little thread gloss goes a long way!

To apply the wax, slide the lid off the tin. Then lay the thread on top of the wax. Hold down firmly with your thumb, then gently pull the thread between the wax and your thumb. This should leave a thin reside of wax along the thread.

You don't push down too hard with your thumb or have the thread dig into the wax, because this will cause a waxy build up on the thread.

After the wax is applied, pinch the end of the thread. Then run your thumb and finger along the length of the thread to smooth it out and evenly distribute the wax.

Mojave Blend Thread Gloss

When to Condition Your Thread

Once you start conditioning your thread, you probably won't look back. It's one of those things that you don't know you should do until you do it, and then you'll always want to do it. Conditioning your embroidery thread makes the stitching process smoother for you, your thread, and your fabric.

Thread Gloss. Mojave Blend. Citrus & Creosote. Scented Natural Beeswax Conditioner for Hand Embroidery, Quilting, Stitching

Where to Find Thread Gloss

I consider thread gloss an essential tool in my stitching bag. I always have a tin on me and use it all of my embroidery workshops.

Ready to give thread conditioner a try? Shop MCreativeJ's selection of hand embroidery supplies.


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