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Tutorial: How to Stitch Your Pet a Custom Bandana

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Before our pup Henley came to live with us, both my husband and I agreed we weren't going to be "those kind of pet parents" that dressed their dog up. Don't get me wrong, I love a dog in a cute costume, and I didn't think I would be able to restrain myself if we started dressing our pup in cute outfits. Plus, I didn't know if Henley was the outfit kind of pup...

But earlier this summer we went down to the beach and stopped at a cute shop that had pup bandanas. I immediately knew Henley would look adorable in one! What pet wouldn't? Because I'm the kind of pet parent that loves personalized items, I decided to create Henley her own custom bandana, complete with embroidery.

Want to make a custom bandana for your own fur baby? Here's how!

Recommended Supplies:

- Bandana (or cotton square material with hemmed edges)

- Sulky Fabri-Solvy stabilizer

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Use a bandana or a square piece of cotton fabric that is hemmed around the edges. My bandana was 28x28 inch, however, a 22x22 inch bandana would also work too, especially if your pet is smaller. Be sure to iron the fabric so it’s nice and flat.

2. On top of the cutting mat, fold the fabric along the diagonal. Using the ruler and scissors, cut along the diagonal. This should give you two fabric triangles.

3. Using a stabilizer (I like Sulky Fabri-Solvy, and there are other good similar options available too, like DMC Magic Paper) draw or print your pet’s name using the Pilot Frixion Erasable pen. If you need help with embroidered lettering for your bandana, here's a few tips.

4. Place the section of the bandana you’d like embroidered in the hoop. Be sure not to over stretch the bandana, otherwise it'll look funky when your pet wears it. This means, the bandana may be looser in the hoop than your usual embroidery.

5. Peel off the stabilizer backing and place it on top of the fabric, stick side down.

6. Next, use the chain stitch, embroider your pet’s name. To avoid leaving long exposed threads on the back of your bandana, knot your thread and start again when letter lines end. For example, if I'm embroidering the letter T, I would stitch the center line, knot my thread, then stitch the top line of the T.

7. When finished stitching, remove the bandana from the embroidery hoop and wash away the stabilizer with warm water. Lay the bananas flat to dry.

8. Once dried, iron the cut edge of the bandana with a 1/4 inch fold. Then do it again, so that the raw edge of the banana is hidden. Pin the folded edge in place. I like to use these magic clips.

9. Using the back stitch, sew the raw edge down and remove the magic clip pins as you go.

10. Finally, tie around your fur baby’s neck and let them enjoy! (Or in Henley’s case, try to tear it off and eat it ).

And because I'm sure you want to see them, here's a few more pictures of Henley in her cute custom bandana!

***This post contains affiliate links. Should you purchase something listed, I may receive a small portion of the sale. Thank you for checking out my recommendations.***

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Laslo Keller
Laslo Keller
15 nov. 2023

very interesting

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