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Stitch 3D Flowers with MCreativeJ's Newest Embroidery Kit 3D Coneflowers

Stitch this: 3D Coneflowers embroidery kit

Say hello to the 3D Coneflowers embroidery kit!

We're diving into stumpwork with the newest MCreativeJ embroidery kit: 3D Coneflowers.

This intermediate hand embroidery kit features a gorgeous grouping of coneflowers with dark cones and vibrant pink petals. Some of the variegated flower petals are 3D and movable, adding to the depth of the design. The embroidery sits on top of a dark green fabric speckled with gold metallic dots.

Hand holding 3D coneflower embroidery surrounded by supplies

What is an intermediate embroidery kit?

MCreativeJ offer three different embroidery kit skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Intermediate kits build on basic stitches and are a more in-depth project. You may use more complicated embroidery stitches or stitches in new ways to create depth and dimension in a design. No matter what MCreativeJ kit you embroider, each one will walk you through from start to finish with detailed step by step photo instructions.

So what is stumpwork?

You might be wondering, 'What is stumpwork?" Stumpwork uses wire and/or padding to create sculptural elements within a design. These might be elements that are built up to create dimension or parts that are stitched separately then attached to the base design.

With the 3D Coneflowers kit you'll stitch the 3D petals separately around wire, then attach them later. Don't worry, the kit will walk you through everything from start to finish.

3D coneflower embroidery surrounded by embroidery supplies for the kit

What's included in the 3D Coneflowers kit?

Each MCreativeJ embroidery kit includes all of the materials needed to complete the project pictured on the front of the kit box.

In the 3D Coneflowers embroidery kit you'll find an oval beechwood embroidery hoop, cotton fabrics, full skeins of DMC embroidery thread, an embroidery needle, water soluble transfer patterns, wire, backing materials, and printed instructions with step-by-step photos.

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