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Stitch a Cup of Cheer!

This might sound crazy coming from someone who lives in the Seattle area, but I don't drink coffee.

Growing up my parents always had tea in the house and I never acquired a taste for it ...or for tea either if I'm honest. Even though I don't drink coffee or tea, I still have a collection of handmade mugs that are my pride and joy.

When we first moved into our house almost 3 years ago (wow how time flies!) this was top on my list of pieces to add. My mugs are usually filled with snacks or ice cream. They're the perfect size for crunchy cereal or a couple scoops of ice cream (Captain Crunch is my current go-to along with vanilla bean ice cream and raspberry jam).

Mugs bring me joy and you can fill them with so many different things! This thought inspired me to create my newest embroidery kit, Cup of Cheer. This advanced hand embroidery kit is a giant sampler! It's perfect for anyone who wants to level up their skills or just have fun learning new stitches.

Even if you haven't tried 3D embroidery before, the Cup of Cheer embroidery kit makes it approachable and fun. With this design you'll learn to use 23 different embroidery stitches, making this a great design to try new stitches.

This pattern uses the long and short satin stitch, padded satin stitch, chain stitch, raised seeding stitch, four-legged knot, spider web, colonial knot, bullion knot, Danish knot, stem stitch, split back stitch, berry stitch, needle weaving bar, Rhodes stitch, corded detached buttonhole stitch, woven trellis stitch, cluster stitch, close fly stitch, closed raised herringbone stitch, fly stitch, cast on stitch, and pistil stitch.

The Cup of Cheer embroidery kit includes cream quilting cotton fabric, a 6-inch beechwood embroidery hoop, full skeins of DMC embroidery thread, a transfer pen, an embroidery needle, backing materials (felt & sawtooth hook), and detailed printed instructions with helpful photos and step-by-steps to walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Happy stitching!


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